Coming Soon to APEX

Vampires vs. Nazis, by creators Mariano Nicieza, Rachael Platt and Carl Maiorino, scriptwriter Frank Lovece and artists Jeff Slemons and Murphey, is a gritty take on World War II, where Nazi predators become the prey of a mysterious assailant with supernatural powers. A horror-filled ride with a twist ending no one will see coming, this project will be bleeding your way soon!

Atomic Age, originally from Marvel's Epic Comics imprint, follows an alien slave-catcher with a conscience, seeking to prevent fugitive slaves from committing race-wide "geneticide." In 1950s L.A., an amibitous Latino journalist warily teams with a washed-up career military man to exploit this alien find. Created by writer Frank Lovece and penciler Mike Okamoto, it won the latter the San Diego Comic-Con's Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award, while the legendary Al Williamson won that year's Eisner Award for Best Inker. Coming soon!

L.P. Daniels' Split City, by writer-creator L.P. Daniels and artist Sam Carlin, is Quentin Tarantino meets Will Eisner at the corner of "What the hell?" and "Oh, cool!" There are 30,000 divorces a year in Split City, N.J., "The Divorce Capitol of the Garden State." And with them come many bizarre tales of marital bedlam. With action-packed stories of divorce, suicide, murder heartbreak, deception and greed, it's a sly, postmodernist film noir with a pulp-fiction tone. Coming soon!

Designated, by writer-creator Mark Torres and artists including Eric Vincent, focuses on a group of ordinary teens and tweens, who find themselves given gifts that could tip the balance between two alien races at war on Earth. Coming soon!