The Pinnacle of Digital Comics and Graphic Novels: APEX COMICS, headed by multiple award-winning publisher Mariano Nicieza (Marvel Comics, Shatner Singularity, STAN LEE'S 'GOD WOKE'). What's it about? It's about comedy with A DAZE WORK. It’s about World War II Germany and VAMPIRES vs. NAZIS. It's about aliens in 1950s L.A., with the first digital edition of the multiple award-winning ATOMIC AGE. It's about surreal sensibilities and imaginative neo-noir taking place in L.P. DANIELS' SPLIT CITY. It’s about teenage friends and an alien war in DESIGNATED. And it's about a man lost in space-time, trying to get home to his family, while learning that a supervillain may be Earth's savior in the epic superhero series PHAZER.

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