Mark Moreno was the head scientist at a covert government installation studying extraterrestrial technology and biology. The work culminated in a project code-named P.H.A.Z.E.R.: Prototype Hybrid Alpha-Zachyon Energy Reactor.

A family man, he lived with his wife Crystal and their children Katherine, Annemarie and Nicholas in New Jersey. But as a young boy, he had suffered the traumatic loss of his father and twin brother during a bizarre event at an archeological dig in Mohenjo-Daro, India. Since that day he has been haunted by the loss.

General Ramon Domingo mentored the young man and was instrumental in getting him a posting at McGuire Air Force Base and the classified project P.H.A.Z.E.R., which eventually led to Mark's current position.

Mark is driven to discover the unknown for the benefit of humanity, with his need to solve scientific puzzles deeply rooted in the events of his past. He is a resourceful leader and extremely intelligent, but headstrong. His impulsive desire to protect his staff and be "front and center in the line of fire" during the first active test of P.H.A.Z.E.R. resulted in the accidental explosion that nearly killed him. And that second fateful day in Mark Moreno's life proved both a boon and a curse.

The scientist came to realize that he was the victim of sabotage. The Alpha-Zachyon energy experiment didn't kill him, but changed his physiology. Mark now uncontrollably shifts through time and space. In each new location, his uniquely altered molecular structure displays a different superpower. He has become a living portal of Alpha-Zachyon energy, transformed into: Phazer.

Phazer's trials do not end there. Project: P.H.A.Z.E.R. was infiltrated by at least one extraterrestrial. But that alien spy, Krauhzz, who sabotaged the Alpha-Zachyon reactor, also was caught in the blast. As a result, when Phazer is ripped away from one reality, Krauhzz, as if tethered by an invisible chain, is pulled along with him.

The only way for the alien to stop the shifts and return home is to stop the source of the phasing … by killing Phazer. Pursued by this relentless alien spy, Phazer's very existence has become a fight for survival.

Phazer misses his family dearly and longs for the lost normalcy of his life. His only consolation is that Crystal, their children and the P.H.A.Z.E.R. personnel know he survived the accident — and he knows they will do everything in their power to find him and create a cure for his condition. Mark desperately clings to that hope while searching for his own ways to reverse the effects of the accident and return home.