PHAZER Issue 1

A Daze Work Issue 5
June 28, 2017

The first novel in a series of action-packed, sci-fi eBook adventures! Scientist Mark Moreno, victim of a sabotaged classified experiment, uncontrollably shifts through the timestream, where his altered molecular structure manifests different powers in every time-period in which he lands. Hunted by a shape-shifting alien and fighting daily for survival, he struggles to unlock the secrets of Alpha-Zachyon energy in order to find a cure, and then return to the world he left behind. He is... PHAZER!

Along the way, he makes unlikely alliances with Blackray, a hybrid humanoid who can breathe underwater ... Agent Three Zero, a Special Forces operative with a unique armored suit that allows her to detect camouflaged extraterrestrial beings … and the Cosmic Raiders, a quartet of superpowered beauties. Meantime, the Blue Sultan, a Machiavellian terrorist with a hidden past, also pursues the mystery of Alpha-Zachyon energy in his quest for world domination. But will his schemes destroy Earth … or save it?

Mark Moreno’s chase through countless time-periods culminates on his present-day Earth with a final battle on the frozen wasteland of Antarctica, and the discovery of an ultimate, ancient menace that could spell the end of humanity.

Written By:

Mariano Nicieza

Pencils By:

Mariano Nicieza

Colored By:

Mariano Nicieza

Lettered By:

Wilson Ramos Jr.

Edited By:

Frank Lovece


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