A Daze Work Issue 5

PHAZER Issue 1
June 28, 2017
A Daze Work Issue 4
April 26, 2017


With The Plus pizzeria now crab-free, Junior awakens from an erotic beach dream to find his establishment the victim of bad press by a local blogger. The befuddled boss immediately demands answers from the publisher, while Barry realizes he accidentally may have added fuel to this fire. Meanwhile, at the juice bar, Finch receives some unexpected inspiration from a TV commercial and begins to devise a plan to restore The Plus to past glory. Can he count on Barry and Tyler to help put the plan into action, or will Tyler's demands be Jamaican Finch crazy? Find out in Issue #5 of A Daze Work!

Created and Illustrated By:

Tim Walsh

Written By:

Chris Robinson

Lettered By:

Wilson Ramos Jr.

Edited By:

Frank Lovece


November 22, 2016


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