A Daze Work at Comic Con

APEX announces PHAZER Universe
July 13, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (July 19, 2017) — Eleven Nine Studios, in partnership with APEX COMICS, is excited to announce A DAZE WORK, a new monthly digital comic available exclusively at comiXology.com

A DAZE WORK follows the lives of Finch and Barry, who work at a pizza place on the Jersey Shore while trying to find their place in the world. Each month, the two friends and a cast of characters do their best to keep The Plus alive, while wacky customers and constant money problems threaten to derail their plans.

A DAZE WORK is the creation of Tim Walsh, an award-winning graphic designer and lifelong
Jersey Shore resident. Tim took his summer experiences working on the boardwalk and created a unique comic showcasing them. Writer Chris Robinson had similar experiences during his youth, and was happy to lend his creative style to the pages of A DAZE WORK. A comedian,
improviser and YouTuber, Chris has taken the imaginative world Tim created and put his own
brand of humorous insanity on each page. Available now at comiXology.com.

Working with MARIANO NICIEZA and his APEX COMICS team of editor FRANK LOVECE and art director WILSON RAMOS JR., Tim and Chris want to establish A DAZE WORK as a premiere comedic brand, part of the already impressive lineup of comic-book content at APEX COMICS available exclusively at comiXology.com.

Join A DAZE WORK and APEX COMICS on Friday, July 21st, 6:30-7:30 p.m. for the panel “Apex Comics Group Universe.” Moderated by Ms. New York Nicole Kulovany it also features special project previews by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza (God Woke, the hardcover edition), Mariano Nicieza (the digital comic Phazer), Matt Murray (Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment), Tom Vargas (Factory Entertainment), Amy Fox (Stan Lee Box Boulevard), Jim Kaufman (Rackfest), Linda Castillion (Card.com) and Wilson Ramos. Jr. (Art Director, Apex Comics Group). Room 5AB.

A DAZE WORK original art and licensed material is available at Rackfest.com, the premiere destination for pop-culture and celebrity autographs and memorabilia. In addition, Tim Walsh and Chris Robinson will appear for Apex Comics at its partner Factory Entertainment’s Booth 2647, where they will be signing autographed Art Prints and other exclusive Comic-Con International: San Diego swag.

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