APEX announces PHAZER Universe

July 4, 2017
A Daze Work at Comic Con
July 19, 2017

What began as an MFA art and writing thesis erupts as a full-blown universe of cutting-edge sci-fi, superhero digital content: PHAZER from award-winning writer-artist Mariano Nicieza and Apex Comics Group. Scientist Mark Moreno is the victim of a sabotaged experiment with classified alien technology attempting to unlock the mystery of a new power source, Alpha-Zachyon energy. He now finds himself uncontrollably shifting through the timestream where his altered molecular structure manifests different paranormal powers in every time-period he lands in. Hunted by a shape-shifting alien, his daily existence is a fight for survival as he struggles to return to the world and family he’s left behind.
In an emotional yet action-packed tale of family secrets and lies, Mark Moreno — Phazer — becomes the crucial cog in the supervillain Blue Sultan’s effort to protect Earth from alien invaders … by any means necessary, no matter who gets sacrificed.

“It’s an amazing time for action-adventure concepts like PHAZER across all media platforms,” said Nicieza. “Fans are clamoring for imaginative stories that kids and adults alike can enjoy.”

PHAZER will launch in two distinct formats at this summer’s Comic Con International: San Diego 2017: Digital Comics and eBooks. Phazer: Man of a Thousand Powers is the flagship title for the new superhero-adventure series from Apex Comics Group on comiXology. More titles from the PHAZER UNIVERSE will debut in 2018: Agent Three Zero, Blackray and Blue Sultan. In addition, the novel Phazer: Ultimate Power will be the first in a series of eBooks available across multiple platforms: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Apple iBook.

The PHAZER UNIVERSE will also debut with multiple licenses under various product categories: Art Prints are available from Factory Entertainment. Additionally, Rackfest carries autographed collectible PHAZER Canvas Paintings, Posters and T-Shirts. Card.com offers a colorful line of PHAZER Debit Cards. More will be announced at a Con panel Friday 6:30 p.m. Room 5-AB, hosted by Ms. New York Nicole Kulovany, with special guests Stan Lee and Fabian Nicieza.

MARIANO NICIEZA is the writer and executive producer of the award-winning comics series William Shatner’s War Chronicles and the illustrator and publisher of the award-winning graphic novel Stan Lee’s GOD WOKE. He has worked in writing, illustration, design and art direction in digital and print comics, graphic novels, books, magazines, trading cards, posters, brochures and dozens of commercial projects for Marvel Entertainment, Disney, Malibu, Fleer, Paramount and Panasonic. At Marvel Entertainment he held positions as Special Projects Editor and Senior Art Director. He is the President and Publisher of Apex Comics Group.

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